Amy + Andrew

South Causey Inn Weddings //


It’s been so long since we last shot any South Causey Inn weddings and what a way to get back into the swing of things with our last wedding in December 2018 Oh boy, this was one hell of a way to end 2018. Amy + Andrew are bloody lush. They’re two really unique individuals and we loved that about them. Just look at the dress and these portraits. ABSOLUTE GOALS!! <3

With us finishing editing our 2018 weddings this means that we will be looking to start our ‘best of 2018’ wedding blog. This is the first time we’ve ever done a ‘best of’ year round up and we’re really stoked to get this started. 2018 was a really fun year for us, we shot so many amazing weddings and made some really lovely friends along the way (“clients”) so keep your eyes pealed for this blog.

To be fair, by the time that our ‘best of 2018’ blog is live, we’ll hopefully have launched our new website with a shit load of updated content! We’ll be piling a load of new content real weddings :).

As well as this, we also have some super exciting news (for us anyway..) We’ve officially started the ‘FROM THE SMITHS PODCAST‘ – We recorded our first ever episode yesterday, it’s not perfect (Simon is loaded with cold but we just wanted to give our first episode / intro a go) and you can find that >>HERE<< We’ll be releasing new episodes every fortnight and we’re always looking for new subjects or questions to answer, so if you have any questions please FIRE THEM OUR WAY! <3

Also since our last post we’ve celebrated Sarah-Jane’s birthday which included a trip to Glasgow to go and see Death cab for cutie followed by a trip to Leeds to see Jimmy Eat World and Frank Turner. Such a great weekend which obviously also included eating some really tasty food and drinking gin, beer and wine. Oh man, take us back to Bread meats bread in Glasgow for more POUTINE!! <3