Kayley + John

Deepdale Farm Weddings //


Yorkshire! Yorkshire! When two of your bestest friends ever tie the knot and not only are you by their side as bridesmaid and groomsman but you have the absolute dream job of photographing them having their best day ever!! Kayley & John, we love you guys so much and we’ll never ever forget your beautiful day and will cherish the memories forever. We sure hope we get to shoot more Deepdale Farm Weddings, this place was a complete blank canvas when Kayley + John got there and they completely filled it with so many personal touches, colours and basically everything to make the venue 100% them.

Scroll down to see this bad ass day with all the colour and musical goodness, tears, SO much laughter and the most drunken party photos we’ve ever shot. Apparently drunk guests and drunk photographers is a good mix, who knew!