NYC 2017!

New York has its own little place in our hearts, it’s like our fav place ever! We got engaged there back in 2013 and this time around we were there to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary, CRAAAZY!
We didn’t have a huge list of stuff we wanted to do or places to see, all we were hoping for was a good chill and to eat alllll the food we could get our hands on (New York is a foodie’s dream come true!)
Our first stop was Williamsburg, we’d originally booked an air bnb but it got cancelled last min so we ended up staying in The Williamsburg Hotel, honestly it was like a dream, the decor gave us all the hearts for eyes and we even had a balcony with a view over Manhattan, it just ticked so many boxes. Brooklyn in general was a highlight for both of us, we both got a tattoo from Three Kings Tattoo Of our little pooch, Eric. There was so many cute little boutique shops, the BEST food places ever and the overall chilled vibe was lush, when can we move there??
Our second stop was Lower East Side, we were literally down the road from the World famous ‘Katz’s’ deli’ and dayyyuuum their sandwiches are humongous, didn’t stop us visiting twice though haha! It was nice to explore the area and do bits and bobs of shopping while exploring Manhattan.
Our final stop was at The Meatpacking District, we were so so close to ‘The High Line’ the sun was shining and walking along the old repurposed railway line was a treat. We also visited Coney Island for the first time and got to hang out with our lovely friends Chris & Sam, take some photos and eat THE best ice cream ever!

New York City Travel Tips