HEY GUYS! We’re coming from you at day 30 of our lockdown (April 11th.) Earlier this week we posted episode 18 of our podcast which was basically just a daft Q&A, Simon posted asking for questions on his insta and we answer them. Some of the things we discuss are: favourite sweets, getting a second dog &  our beauty regimens…

We have a great idea for our next podcast episode which we’re going to record in a few days time 🙂

Here’s a list of a couple of things that we’re grateful for:

The sun! (the weather is really picking up at the moment)
Our 1 form of exercise each day – Simon is doing a 30 days of sweat challenge and is currently on day 20
Eric hugs
Hello Fresh! – we received our first delivery the other day and both meals we’ve made so far have been amazing, last night we made truffle + mushroom rigatoni and it was AMAZING!
Easter eggs
Zoom quiz nights
Game of Throne – we definitely waited for the right time to start watching this show, we’re obsessed with it, we’re up to series 6 already!

Speak soon guys!