This podcast is slightly different to usual.. but for the first half of the episode we discuss….

A lovely commercial shoot we did for Suzie Winsor

A woodland pre wedding shoot at Simonside

We shot a wedding but we can’t tell you anything about it (for now….)

Our lovely ‘breakfast club’ a community of wonderul North East based wedding supplers <3

ok, it’s time…


We were debating between us what our approach should be RE: COVID-19. On one hand we didn’t want to contact any of our couples and cause any additional panic. Planning a wedding can be stressful enough at the best of times without a bloody global pandemic on the go! But we defo thought it was important to address it and send out some much needed love & reassurance at this incredibly daunting time.

As far as we’re concerned it’s business as usual and we’re doing everything that we can to remaining safe + healthy by socially distancing ourselves from the outside world (excluding 5 minutes walks to take wor Eric out for a toilet break)

We’re here for all of our couples so should you need us PLEEEASSEEE don’t hesitate to contact us.

** as of March 16th, 2020, we have contacted all couples getting married from now up until June 30th, we will be contacting couples further afield as the news progresses **

Below are a few useful things to consider with your wedding plans RE COVID-19


HEADS UP TO GUEST – The most important thing is make sure that all guests are feeling 100% healthy, if not make sure that they stay home and stay safe.

NO HUGS? – This is something that we will be enforcing sadly, obviously it’s been heavily emphasized to limit social contact so we’re going to be inventive with the way that we express our love and appreciation for all of our couples. HEART

TAKE MORE VIDEOS + PHOTOS THAN EVER BEFORE – We always strongly encourage people to document wedding from their own perspective, as long as they’re not standing in the middle of the aisle during the ceremony (or we’ll be forced to karate kick you) record the ceremony, record the speeches, record special messages for guests from abroad and elderly folk who can’t be there. Something extra special that you can share with them, either via email or face to face when it’s 100% safe to do so, this way they don’t feel left out and actually feel especially involved

ASK THE PROS? – If one of your suppliers is no longer available on your date please reach out for recommendations. The wedding industry is such a friendly place and in times like this people are more willing than ever to help folk out.


CHECK DATES!! – We can’t stress this strongly enough, if you’re looking to change your wedding date, firstly check with your venue and see if they’re able to offer you a few options, the more options you have the easier this process will be.

SPEAK TO YOUR SUPPLIERS – Before confirming any new dates double check with your suppliers to see if a) they’re available on any potential new dates and b) check if there is any additional charge for the change of date

CHECK YOUR CONTRACTS – All suppliers will have different takes on rescheduling dates, so it’s best to check any contracts that you have.

STAY CALM – Wedding suppliers are generally ran by humans and as a human we want to help you as best we can. We love working in this industry and WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! You will get married + it will be amazing <3