It’s Sunday, it’s our favourite day and it’s also time for a new podcast 🙂

This episode we discuss:
– The office progress
– Eric’s back to doing his job at Wag & Company
– We shot our second and third weddings of 2020 starting at South Farm in Royston then on to East Quay Venue in Whitstable
– SJ’s reached 10k followers on her home instagram account!!
– More food related chat (as per)


Here’s a whole load of links to things that we discussed on the podcast 🙂

 ‘BEARDED OUTDOORS‘ – This is our great friends (Sam + Joe) company and Craig wore one of their pins to his wedding on Thursday!
THE MILE HILL‘ – Awesome wedding band for Becca + Ash’s wedding on Friday
THE CINEMILE PODCAST‘ – If you’re into films + movie chat you should definitely check these guys out, we’re obsessed with their podcast 🙂
SCREAM FOR PIZZA‘ – Lush local pizza, we haven’t been to their resturant yet but we’ve had their pizzas at weddings in the past!
ZUCCINI‘ – A local pasta place on Simon’s foodie bucketlist
THE GREENS, BERLIN‘ – SJ ‘s idea of heaven, can’t wait to visit this Coffee shop
BENEDICT, BERLIN‘ – Death by pancakes, yes please!
MAC & WILD, LONDON’ – Next time we go to London, we’ll definitely visit!