I think I always knew that getting a new bathroom would be a massive pain in the backside, almost EVERYONE who’s at the happy side of a renovation told me how stressful it could be, plus we only have one bathroom in our house which meant that for 3 weeks we had to beg, borrow and steal showers off anyone who offered (we love you all).

We knew the sorta style we wanted so I came up with a design and it actually looked like it would all fit perfectly into place, yay…little did I know that pretty much everything wasn’t available to buy in the UK, WHY WHY WHYYYYY? Cue the world’s biggest online search…I honestly think I searched every possible website but eventually bought most of our antique brass fittings off Ebay of all places, we also got our toilet and sink from there too.

I’m super proud of our canny, pink vanity unit which was originally a chest of drawers we got off ebay for £31, all they needed was a bit of sand and paint, some new knobs and the inside to be customised to fit around the sink waste pipes…piece of cake and an absolute steal.

Spending some time finding bits and bobs online saved us quite a lot too and meant that we could get under floor heating, it’s like the best thing ever and the pooch loves toasting his tum on it.

Anyway, here’s our little bathroom reno. Every day I walk into it and feel like I’m in someone else’s house haha.

Biggest shout out ever to my little brother, James (JWS Joinery), I don’t think anyone else would listen to my ridiculous ideas, never mind understand them and do such an amazing job. <3

Don’t forget to check out the before photo at the bottom!

SJ xo