eee hey! It’s been a hot minute since we’ve last blogged a wedding. Please let us off, last year was completely manic. We shot 56 weddings from June-December last year (thanks so much Covid!) so we’ve pretty much been chasing our tails ever since.

It does feel amazing to have finally edited all of our 2021 weddings and now we’re taking some time to catch up on some other jobs. Oh also, we’re expecting our first non-fir child in October! So things are a bit cray-cray in the Smith household..

Lets take a look back at September 2021 for Annabel + Daniel’s wedding, these guys absolutely smashed it! Their eye for detail and styling was absolutely class. We loooove shooting weddings at Middleton Lodge’s Fig House, totally totally matched A+D’s general vibe. Annabel designed all of the stationary herself and styled so much of it herself. When we arrived the cake was in situ for us to photograph before it got moved to a more practical space. Honestly, we absolutely love it when our couples have vision like that. It makes things so helpful 🙂

We hope you guys enjoy looking over this blog and we promise it won’t be too long until we blog again. Simon can confirm this as he’s currently got another 4 in the pipe line.

peace! xo